Let your brilliance bring new products to the world.

As the world’s largest coatings company, PPG Industries is a place where PhDs can take part in exciting research and enjoy a wide variety of career options. A stable company with more than 130 years of leadership and a variety of awards for our innovation, we offer the size, scale, stability and environment to help you reach your full potential as a scientist or technical leader.

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Our PhD recruiting process

We mainly seek chemists and engineers with a technical background. Disciplines include organic, inorganic and polymer chemistry; material science; chemical, electrical engineering and process engineering; and physics.

  • Each year, PPG visits select schools in the fall for an information session
  • Top candidates are brought to our R&D center in Pittsburgh for a two-day visit during the fourth quarter of the year
  • The visit includes a presentation, panel interview, meeting with the Chief Technical Office and seminars/networking
  • Selected candidates receive a job offer within two weeks of the visit
  • Visit our recruiting calendar to see if we are recruiting at your campus this year

Experience world-class R&D with a global leader.

At PPG, you have the chance to work in world-class research facilities, surrounded by extensive scientific resources and a peer group of outstanding scientists. Most new PhD hires are located at one or our four R&D centers in Pittsburgh. We also have a research facility in Shelby, North Carolina and 70 other labs around the world. You’ll work at the boundaries of chemistry, material science, ceramics, metallurgy, nanomaterials and inorganic chemistry to develop commercial products that reach the shelf.


Deliver your ideas in an open environment.

At PPG, we value innovation, creativity and problem-solving. You’ll find a positive, friendly R&D setting open to different ideas and not restricted by conventional wisdom. As a decision maker, you will share your viewpoint with global colleagues, work with PPG executives and have opportunities to present to outside audiences. We’ll encourage you to test your ideas and give you time to work on your own projects and present proposals that can lead to new products.


Enjoy training and growth-oriented opportunities.

New PhDs at PPG enter a structured training and mentoring program that offers a basic Coatings Technology course, training with our senior researchers and exposure to many of the research functions that are required to create coatings innovations. After three to five years, you may be selected to enter a one-year leadership development program. We also offer courses and seminars on technical and management topics, in areas such as Sigma Logic, Business Process Improvement (BPI), leadership skills, coatings and more.


Build the broad-based career you desire.

New PhDs can expect regular interaction with senior technical directors and the Chief Technical Officer during their first year, and with executive leadership soon after. You may also become a supervisor or manager within short period of time. Your success will be measured by achievement, commercialization and idea generation. We offer yearly reviews and multiple career paths, including scientific fellow, technical management and leadership roles in the business units, as well as business and general management opportunities.