Discover the value of the PPG experience.

Every year, PPG hires many recent graduates and our internship programs give dozens of students in different disciplines an opportunity to learn what it’s like to work for a Fortune 200 leader.

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Hear from a few of those individuals on how we helped them gain experience and grow.



School: Grove City College
Major: Computer Information Systems

The best part of my internship was getting to know people from different schools and becoming friends with them. Also, I loved diving right into the work. My coworkers treated me like a member of the team and not just an intern. The color selection tool I worked on allowed me to work with people from all over the business, from IT and marketing to sales and color services. It’s been a great learning experience and has taught me a lot about how the business works.



School: University of Puerto Rico
Major: Project Engineering

PPG is an ideal setting for new graduates because it provides the means to learn on a continuous basis and develop your career over time. You are given the right tools to execute and build a successful career with the company. Being able to work in different cultures, countries or positions is ideal. You gain experience from exposure to different environments and, in the end, can apply what you’ve learned toward the global success of the company.



School: Penn State University
Major: Materials Science and Engineering

I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on my own project and understand the responsibilities of a full-time employee. The project I was assigned to was thermal printing Teslin. I valued this project because it has allowed me to gain valuable experience about how an R&D project is conducted. I was able to apply my knowledge from school to a real-world situation, as well as see how a large company functions.



School: Case Western Reserve University
Major: Chemistry

I helped color match multiple paint colors as a part of the Ford technical team. I made paint, spray paint and test panels covered in paint. Basically, I did all the necessary tasks to test a new paint color before it could go into production for future Ford vehicles. I have really enjoyed getting an idea of what the industry has to offer. All of the people in my lab gave me great advice that will help me for my future. Everyone here made me feel right at home.



School: Ohio State University
Major: Environmental Engineering

I’ve appreciated networking with others EHS personnel and learning a new role that I didn’t know existed in Process Safety Management. I completed a PSM compliance audit at East Point and updated applicability and emergency planning procedures for several locations. I enjoyed the traveling opportunities I was offered and the work atmosphere was pleasant. Everyone is extremely welcoming and open to any questions I had throughout my workdays.



School: University of Wisconsin Platteville
Major: Mechanical Engineering

The best part of the internship experience was learning about practical engineering. It is always good to learn about the side they do not teach in school. The project that I enjoyed working on was a scale calibration weight I helped design. It was nice to see the final product come together and get used. PPG is very welcoming and a great place to learn. Everyone was helpful and wanted to share their knowledge. My mentor was also great to work with.